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Why you
do it

Reason one

  • In most cases, your investment returned to you in as little as FIVE years. Enjoy!

Reason two

  • Many programs to help finance your Solar Installation. No out-of-pocket – easy payment plans.

Reason three

    • Federal tax credits of up to 30 percent through 2020

Reason Four

  • Solar provides peak power when the sun is out cutting your reliance on PG&G or SMUD when it costs the most.

Reason Five

  • Avoid continual electrical utility hikes. PG&E has been approved for an increasse of 22% from 2018-2021. Historically PG&E has had 6% annual increases.

Why we do it

Since 1984, We Do it to Make Our Community Stronger and More Self Reliant




Our Work

Since 1984

A2Z - Your local Solar company located in el dorado county

serving northern California

Free on site evaluation, not just a quote for a solar electric system, we will help identify your energy loads. It it is cheaper to conserve than to produce electricity.

We only use the best products in the industry; we evaluate the manufacturer, the product, and the product track record. We use the product we sell, we are constantly evaluating products.

We have been working with solar electric panels since 1984 and have been working with solar hot water systems since 1978.

A2Z Energy is a licensed solar contractor(C-46 #798176) is bonded and insured.

Do You Want to Save Even More With Solar Hot Water?

A2Z Energy is not limited to solar electric, we also work with solar hot water since 1978.

What does this mean to you--we will be around when your warranty expires.

We take pride in our work -  the small details matter!

Factory training from:

  • Solarex (bought buy BP Solar)
  • Endecon Engineering Certified (Designing
    and Installing Code-Compliant PV Systems)
  • Wirsbo Design & Installation
  • Glowcore Design & Installation
  • Outback Design & Installation
  • Trace Design & Installation (renamed Schneider Electric).

If you like what we do and want to know more

What our customers say

Our  commitment  to quality, integrity, and dependability has given A2Z Energy the ability to stay in the solar industry from the beginning and provide  cost effetive systems to homeowners just like you.

"Since both Nancy and Colleen inquired about the value add of solar to a property, I wanted to connect you all to our solar expert. Michael Proulx has a business (A2Z Energy) and he is the one we worked with for our solar needs. Michael will be able to look at your energy use, discuss whatever tax advantages (if they still exist) and explore installation costs/amortization with you. He does the work himself, so he’s not one of these door to door guys who sell for some other company and then desert you.

We had a rather negative experience early on with solar hot water system (the guys just didn’t know what they were doing)… and Michael helped us get that reconfigured and up and running. It took a lot of time and effort on his part, contacting the system manufacturer and exploring options. His prices are more than fair. We feel you can trust him to help you make this decision."

Warm regards to all, Rosalie E.

Rosalie E.

"Good Morning Mike -- Thank you! I did a simple screen grab of use up to this morning when I got up. The Neurio system looks amazing and precisely what is needed to monitor energy use, especially when solar panels are on the roof." Thanks again, Dave

Dave B.

Shingle Springs, California

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